Lamezia Terme

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Lamezia Terme

Located in the heart of sunny Calabria, the charming city of Lamezia Terme came into existence in 1968 through the amalgamation of three separate towns in the Province of Catanzaro. Perched between the dramatic Tyrrhenian cliffs and the gentle sand dunes of the Ionic coast, this cosy gem resides just south of the expansive Sila plateau offering a captivating glimpse into the diverse landscapes of the Mediterranean.

The City

Lamezia Terme is closely associated with the sea. The town is surrounded by white, unpolluted beaches and beautiful bays both on the Tyrrhenian (to the west) and the Ionian side (to the east). Moreover, the upper plain of the Sila to the north, with its stunning mountains and alpine landscape, is rich in forests and lakes. In the area around Lamezia Terme, there are also important artistic sites, Greek, Norman, and Roman temples, as well as palaces from the Bourbon times. The coastal road, from Pizzo Calabro to Capo Vaticano — called "Costa degli Dei" (Gods' Coast) — through Tropea is one of the most beautiful in Italy. The latter town is famous for its characteristic centre, which looks out spectacularly onto the sea.

Do & See

Lamezia Terme is known for its rich historical and architectural heritage, with majestic churches and cathedrals; but also ruins and archaeological sites that are definitely a must-see. Moreover, the nature in and around this city could be considered an attraction of its own, especially in the various nature parks as well as along the seaside. The central position of Lamezia Terme makes it extremely easy for visitors to enjoy other small and cosy cities and attractions situated just a bit outside, having in this way the possibility to experience different areas of the south of Italy.


Calabrese dishes are tasty and simple. Specialities include marinated and sun-dried vegetables, swordfish, bluefin tuna and calamari, roasted meats and spicy sausages. Don’t miss the nduja, a soft, spicy hot and spreadable salami. Furthermore, Calabria is one of Europe’s major producers of citrus fruits and hazelnuts which help to make unique desserts.


In Lamezia Terme, you'll go crazy with all the delicious ice cream flavours and desserts. Take the time to try as many as you can and do not forget the delicious "Tartufo di Pizzo", a local ice cream, well-known in Italy.

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